Jonquil and Jonathan

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This is Jonquil and Jonathan. Jonquil is re-reading a favourite book, while Jonathan sits on the side table purring. He is very good at purring. If there was a national purring competition, Jonathan would surely win it. He has several...

Revisionist History?

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In GR618-Visual Literacy, we tackle a project about timelines… and we ask the students (among other things) to look at the timeline a few different ways. This brings up questions: Why? Is this realistic? Can you really change history? What...

Les Hérétiques 2013

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Wine: Château d'Oupia Vintage: 2013 Country: France Region: Languedoc Grapes: Carignan Vines: sustainable Production: medium Château d'Oupia's Les Hérétiques has been around for well over a decade. It's one of those curious little bargain reds that has managed to remain...