Hello Spring!

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It is definitely the first day of spring here in Sydney. The weather, the flowers and the birds all say spring! I spotted two Rainbow Lorikeets having a chat in a London planetree in the local park today and managed...

Personal Appearance and the Pathetic Aesthetic - Where's Tim Gunn When You Need Him?

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The artist/maker appearance in your booth should reinforce the aesthetic signature of your display and your work. The artist/maker is always selling more than just a vase, plate, cups, clothing, piece of jewelry, sculpture or painting. You are selling the personification of the creative individual, yet too many artist's and makers let this slip by due to a disappointing pathetic personal aesthetic. Read this post with simple tips for a vastly improved art/craft show booth success.


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We are back in Virginia after living abroad for eight years .... slowly adapting. It's the little things that make me happy during the transition ... like my new hello kitty key. I was so excited to show my sister-in-law....