Witness to the Silence of Addiction

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During the past three years, I have thrice been a witness to the destructive impact of alcohol. Lives devastated by lies, deception, and self-delusion. Bodies destroyed by toxins and neglect. But I wonder if we as a culture all share some responsibility in our unwillingness to speak up or speak out. Thus I have decided to write this post to overcome the embarrassment of continuing to hide what I have discovered as a serious problem in our society.DON'T READ ANY FURTHER if you don't want to know anymore.

A Cookbook for the Seducer

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The venerable Mimi Sheraton's 1962 "The Seducer's Cookbook" reads as a guide for those wanting to seduce, be it your wife, your husband, someone else's husband, and everyone in between. Sheraton's tongue in cheek prose, reflective of her honest, dry sense of humor, is at times hilarious, at times feminine retro to the point of submission. Illustrated and paired with recipes, this book is easy proof that food and sex are inextricably linked.