Sunsets in Bora-Bora

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Watching the sunrises and sunsets was definitely the highlight of my trip to Bora-Bora. They never disappointed me and were especially incredible in the over water bungalow I decided to stay in. The sky actually did a lot of incredible...

Spec Work

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Hunter Wimmer
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Sometimes after a few orders, I have some spare parts and pieces left over. With them, I've started making a few spec pieces that will be selling at Bay Home. The founder of Bay Home has a long history in...

A Slightly Mad Recipe

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Nancy Silverton's Pan Cotto This is another crazy recipe Nancy asked me to test for her. It's a vegetable dish she discovered in a restaurant in Italy, and she plans to include it in her forthcoming cookbook. Knowing Nancy, who...

Tales of March

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Almost 2 months later, she posts again. Hi there! Hello. How are you? How's the family? Oh, me? I'm fine. Things are good, I'd say I can't complain, but that would be a lie. It's highs and lows here at...