Green things

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Everyone has a favourite colour, don't they? Mine has always been green. 1) Jasper the green swallow print. 2) Amelie Poster. 3) Retro Style Genuine Leather Green Messenger Crossbody Bag. 4) Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. 5) Leaves by Oliver...


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Apparently it has been a very good year for Barn Owls, and though we don't have occupancy in the branwolery we have had sightings as dusk has fallen through the summer, which is hopeful news. But it has also been...

Summer Rainbow

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One of the joys of summer cooking in a vacation house is sharing the load. We all gather in the kitchen and work together. It's not about cutting things perfectly, it's just about celebrating a great meal with people we...

Carbon series

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By now you probably know my family and I spent the summer in Amsterdam… we were fortunate enough to stay two weeks in our own apartment as the tenant had moved out early... I have never been so happy to...