Guess who is adopted?

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Coco with Maryanne The St. Louis Senior Dog Project is a not-for-profit dog rescue organization specializing in older dogs but taking in and finding homes for dogs of all ages...even puppies. Meet your new best friend 11 to 3 Saturday,...


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Hi Stampers, This past week we had one of my Glitter Queen's promote and I made her this card . I love the red and black color combo and that little critter is so stinkin cute! The designer paper I...

Maple Kasu-zuke

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Maple syrup has always been part of our arsenal. Our proximity to sugar shacks increases its presence in our world. We were given a fresh batch of kasu and were exploring ideas. Kazu-zuke came to the forefront. We combined New...

Heavy Petal

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Dust and I have been busy working away on the latest Danseuse collection, entitled Petals. We have just added two floral skirts to the shop and will be releasing other pieces throughout May - just in time for spring and...