Vivaldi by Helge Torvund

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I came across these big, beautiful, bold illustrations by Mari Kanstad Johnsen for Helge Torvund's children's book Vivaldi the other day. They are everything I love about good children's book illustrations: playful, colourful and full of character. You can buy...

Stepping into Fall

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I am done with summer. It's not the heat or humidity, it's psychological. I'm ready to turn the page, step into a new season. Professionally, it's been fall and winter for the last couple of months already. I've worked on...

Pork Roast Parts

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We started with a well marbled, 4-bone rib roast from the shoulder side. We injected it with buttermilk brine. (We used the recipe from our cold smoked fried chicken in Ideas in Food.) We cooked it for 5 hours at...

Goodbye Summer

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I can’t believe how fast Summer came and went. Here in Seattle, we had one of the most sunny and HOT summers we’ve had in a very long time. We set records! I remember feeling very optimistic and excited for...