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Today's HONEY-DO CARD includes a sweet reminder to my hubby that his power drill would be just the ticket to tighten up a few loose screws here and there... 1) My stamping room swivel chair is not swiveling too well......

Evil Mirrors

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Read More Halloween This Halloween Ball show is the follow-up to Peter Murphy's special Miracula Halloween, which only a handful of people attended. Discounting music festival, the Halloween Ball … Halloween is my favorite time of the year... and with...

Have You Got Grit?

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A Ted talk from Angela Lee Duckworth on what it really takes to succeed. Years Past October 20, 2013 October 20, 2012 October 20, 2011 October 20, 2010 October 20, 2009 October 20, 2008 October 20, 2007 October 20, 2006...