Add an Egg

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After cooking up tons of pasta at Star Chefs, we headed over to Roberta's for dinner. I was unprepared for the chaos that is Roberta's, with its many nooks, crannies, bars, and shipping containers. After we paid penance at the...

Look Who’s Got a Letter!

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Augustinus Mau Tukan Communications Officer East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia October 31, 2014 2014 Receiving a letter from sponsors is a joy to be shared with others. For many children, letters they receive from sponsors are prized possessions which they bring...

Weekend Reading Roundup

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Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up this weekend? I've decided to forgo a costume this year, though I did have fun getting my hair done yesterday at an event yesterday for Glamsquad (the new app lets you order in-home hair...