Language of Food's Medieval Salad

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This salad comes from the days of castles and knights in shining armor - the fourteenth century, 1390 to be exact. Surprisingly modern, it uses some current food trends: the ingredients are fresh, simply prepared and able to speak for themselves through a light dressing.

Some afterthoughts on travelling in Iran

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Before we left we had no doubt that we would enjoy our visit to Iran and we never worried about safety in the country. What we had in mind when we thought of Iran was mostly top-notch sightseeing, very friendly people and good food. On the other hand we also noticed that many articles and blogs, perhaps in response to the bad image they had had before they went, or to the bad image of Iran in their own country's media, tend to paint Iran in very rosy colours. We feel these black-and-white descriptions only mirror the propaganda apparently prevailing in both Iran and the US (at least we cannot confirm the bad press for Germany). As we wrote in our previous post, we loved our almost three weeks in Iran and we will for sure come back, but (as in all countries) there were also some annoyances. The most unnerving detail about our visit to Iran was, in fact, the hijab law …