Fasnacht – a unique carnival tradition in Basel

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It is 4 am - the streets in the centre of Basel's Old Town are lined with people waiting for the "Morgestreich" that marks the official beginning of the carnival in Basel. With the chime of the cathedral clock, all lights, street lanterns as well as the lights in private houses and shops, go out. At the same time small and big lanterns go on and some groups of masked people start to play pipes and drums. The active participants are dressed in full costume including sculpted masks and smaller lanterns mounted on top of their head, larger ones with intricate painted images are fastened onto carriages. With these lanterns as the only source of light and the strange, mediaeval music, the slow procession of dressed up people through the streets is eerie. The carnival clubs (which are called cliques in the Basel carnival jargon) don't follow a fixed route, but roam the streets in small bands. Everyone who is not a participating member of the Basel carnival cliques is not supposed to wear any costume or disguise – …

Mexican Lime Curd

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If you want to taste sunshine without leaving the frosty confines of your ice house, have I got a recipe for you: Lime Curd. Maybe initially that doesn’t sound very enticing. Perhaps it conjures up images of congealed proteins bathed...