Red-Eye Rubbed Pork

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We started with stunning pork chops. We took our meat seasoning a combination of salt, brown sugar and cayenne, and added a few grams of ground coffee to it. We rubbed the seasoning over the chops and let them air...

Domaine Du Tariquet Armagnac Distillery Visit

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We walked all around this property, up on top of huge wine tanks (I'm scared of heights but I do it for you, dear reader), to a super modern bottling line, and then to the completely incongruously ridiculously small room in the middle of it all, where the single wood-fired armagnac still is slowly churning out eau de vie.

Our New Kitchen

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Hellooo! Let's talk about renovating kitchens today, shall we? I love reading these kinds of makeover posts elsewhere, so here's hoping this interests you. (Just so you're warned: this is going to be a looong, picture-heavy post.) As you know,...