Sketchbook Time ~ Nude Figure Study

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Hello friends! I've been so immersed in drawing the last few months I've not shared anything for a while. I'm here to break that trend as I've actually wanted to share everything yet didn't want to break my concentration either... so here's one little peek into my sketchbook of late which contains lots of beautiful nude studies (I'm taking a live model course) and tons of zoo and safari animals too. They're all done in ink as I detest pencil smudging and eraser pieces as well as the feel and mess of charcoal. My dear, college roommate JNB can attest to the mess these materials create :) It's all good tho, cause I LOVE the clean, bold, no-mistakes possible commitment of ink! Hope you're having a wonderful Spring. Much love, Juliane

Austin Bakes For Nepal!

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Get ready for something amazing! Austin Bakes is throwing yet another epic bake sale in the city of Austin tomorrow. Since 2011 Austin Bakes has raised over $50,000 for natural disaster relief. That's a lot of cupcakes! Tomorrow home bakers,...