Finding dinosaurs in Fukui

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"Oh, look, a Stegosaurus!" The Asian-American boy is excitedly jumping left and right in the local bus when we pass yet another dinosaur on our way from Katsuyama station to the Dinosaur Museum. His little sister appears only marginally less knowledgeable. "We will see more of those," the parents assure them. The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is situated in a rather remote area about 30 km away from the provincial capital of Fukui ... It is here, in Kitadani Valley, where already a number of new dinosaur species have been found since 2007, and more of them are still being identified. The bus stops at a large metallic dome on a mountain slope. The museum is built into the ground, and we are first transported to the deepest basement floor and through a corridor full of fossils and petrifications. A huge petrified Camarasaurus bonebed that was found almost intact marks the entrance to the huge Hall of Dinosaurs. Coming up the stairs, a large tyrannosaurus is roaring at the visitors. Huge screens display …

Black and White Malted

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We have fun translating icons into doughnuts. I started with a black and white shake with my go-to upgrade, malt. I glazed our super cake doughnuts with a milk glaze and added splashes of chocolate. I sprinkled our malt crumbs...