Eating out vegan – the Trash-Chic in Cologne

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„Trash-Chic, that's the pub behind the retirement home, isn't it?“ - „Behind Käthe's retirement home? But there is nothing! Only the suburb of Vingst, maybe …,“ our relatives speculate. But the Trash-Chic is right there in Cologne-Kalk in a quiet residential neighbourhood where you wouldn't necessarily expect a specialised restaurant. In fact, it looks like a traditional corner pub, and also has the atmosphere of a traditional corner pub: Wooden benches and robust tables, a bar and a popular table football set. Most tables are already taken when we arrive, but there are no reservations and we manage to get a nice seat. We order vegan gyros with chips and “home-made veganaise” and a vegan classic burger; the draft beer served is Sünner Kölsch which is brewed right around the corner. The service is quick and efficient and the portions are huge: Especially the Soja Gyros is a plate full of quite good chips, and very crunchy and rather small particles (probably made from soya and gluten?) resembling gyros. We find it a bit too crisp but very well-seasoned. The “tzatziki” coming with it is very tasty (although it appears more like mayonnaise than tzatziki), and the “veganaise” is surprisingly good and strikingly similar to mayonnaise. ...

Banana Drop Muffins

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Necessity truly is the mother of invention. Someone, who shall remain nameless, insists on buying bunches of bananas and then not eating them. It kills me to watch them slowly over-ripening on the counter and so every now and then...