Feeding the hyenas in Harar, Ethiopia

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„Rambo, Rambo!“ A small-framed man points agitatedly towards the courtyard of a wooden mansion. A brawl, we suspect, but a quick glance at our guidebook clarifies that the building with the nicely carved gables and the colourful window panes is the house where the French author and adventurer Arthur Rimbaud lived for a while during the 1880s and which now has become a sightseeing spot. Rimbaud came to Harar as a coffee trader for a Yemenite agency, and stayed. He made not so bad a living as a portrait photographer – charging the natives one Dollar per picture. Today it is the other way round – the tourists have to pay for every picture they take. On the upper floor we stroll through the exhibition of Rimbaud's black-and white impressions of Harar. Back then, it was also called the "White City“, because of the numerous white buildings. Today most of them are painted in gaudy colours like pink, lime green, purple, and yellow, but the city, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2006, is still famous for its dark full-bodied Arabica coffee roasts. In the café „Mermaid“ in the main street an Espresso Macchiato costs only 50 cents and it goes well with a piece of "Black Forest" butter-cream cake. In the afternoon the old town and the market get quiet…

Cherry Bombe Jubilee 2015

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Like the blood orange, the outside view only offers a glimpse of what's inside. Today I'm at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee. I have the pleasure of moderating a panel with some of the country's most fascinating chefs: Dominique Crenn, Iliana...