Capture Flavors

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Peels have potential. We explored this idea in a recent workshop in San Francisco. We take potato peels and put them in olive oil, and melted butter. We slowly cook the peels in the fat to transfer flavor to the...

Watering Can

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Please enjoy my latest Alla Prima painting, "Watering Can". I could jump into that cool blue paint of water on this hot day! I'll be heading back out again soon, despite the scorching heat and humidity- it's thick outside. However, I'm going to use mind over matter and attempt transcendence of heat :) I practiced this yesterday too- tho I neglected to forecast the swarm of miniature bee-like fans who decided to join me. I was a trouper tho, and I marched inside for my all natural bug repellent- which helped - and soon I found I was happily painting away.