Pork Roast Parts

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We started with a well marbled, 4-bone rib roast from the shoulder side. We injected it with buttermilk brine. (We used the recipe from our cold smoked fried chicken in Ideas in Food.) We cooked it for 5 hours at...

Eggplant Experiments

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I once saw a poster that said something like “success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” I won’t argue with that, and I have developed a related equation: inspiration is 100% the product of failure. In other words, you can’t...

New Booze: Reformulated Wheeler's Gin from Santa Fe Spirits

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Rather than try to match the original gin exactly John took the existing botanicals (juniper, cholla cactus blossom, osha root, sage, and hops) and exercised some creative license to produce what he hopes truly matches the original vision of Wheeler’s: A gin that evokes the smell of the desert after a rain and seeks to highlight the unusual ingredients and their character.