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It's been eight years since we first opened our shop. Can you believe that? We can't. Time definitely flies when you're having fun! During all of those weeks and months, we've watched our small family business grow into a big...


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I've been trying to talk Ike into a "real" haircut for awhile now (YES IT'S TRUE OH YE HATERZ OF TEH HAIRZ), but he's staunchly and solidly refused. The long blond hair is part of his identity and self-image now,...

Score a Great Deal - Shop These Affiliates

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This weekend is a biggie in America - Thursday is Thanksgiving and then... SHOPPING! That's right, between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and then Cyber Monday - this weekend will be all about the $$$$$. And I KNOW that you want the deals. So, I've tracked down the best companies who are offering BIG DEALS this entire weekend. All you need to do is click the company's link below and then... ENJOY!