Pickled Jalapeños

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Such a great way to use all of those Jalapeños from your garden. I plan to use them on nachos, in soups, casseroles, stews, enchiladas and to spice up anything else I can think of :) Pickled Jalapeños 10 jalapeños,...

DIY: Turn a Onesie into a T-Shirt

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I always been a fan of dressing Melanie in T-shirts and pants instead of onesies. Call me a lazy bitch but it just seems easier to deal with pants over snaps AND pants. So when I found the cutest onesie the other day, I decided to bust out my semi-DIY skills and make it into a little tee. In case you wanna know, here's how to turn a onesie into a T-shirt:

Fall Crafts For Toddlers

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Don't miss out on this classic fall craft at Pink Stripey Socks. This version of pressed leaves uses contact paper instead of wax paper. She also shares how to make a paper bag pumpkin, a perfect craft for toddlers.