The Lazy Bitch's Guide to HypnoBirthing

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If you've been following my parenting journey then you know I had a great birth that was natural and nearly pain-free. A huge part of having such a great birth was that I used the HypnoBirthing process. I decided to give this birthing theory a try after reading about it years ago and realizing that, with my Social Anxiety Disorder, I was going to need something to help me deal with the fear and anxiety of labor and delivery. I stumbled upon this book and used it to figure out the easiest way to implement the HypnoBirthing process without feeling overwhelmed.

a warm and wintry day

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Yesterday, the sun appeared, the wind quieted down and the temperature reached an amazing thirty degrees fahrenheit. Thirty degrees! We took full advantage - the big kids and Papa hitting the slopes, while the two little ones and I spent...