giving thanks

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Home, home, home! Ah, it feels so good to be here. I arrived late at night, more than a little bit jet-lagged, very cold and soaking wet (that's a long story), knowing that I needed to dive right into birthday...

the cutting process

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I've posted this technique before & also showed some of this on my instagram but wanted to share a few more "behind the scenes"/process of my cut up collages. The original collage. I usually start these on scraps of paper...

Prepping For Black Friday: What To Wear And What To Pack In Your Purse

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It's been a long held tradition in my life to participate in Black Friday every year! When I was younger, I would stay home and babysit my cousins so my aunt and uncle could shop. Then, I started hitting the sales on my own. Now, I've indoctrinated my husband into the joy and bustle of post-Thanksgiving Day deals and we have a good time. And do you know my keys to having a good time on Black Friday? Being prepared and having reasonable expectations. By reasonable expectations, I mean that you need to understand that everything is just stuff. And there's no reason to be a horrible person over stuff. So, stop grabbing, pushing, and yelling. Get what deals you can and be grateful for those. Everything else is just stuff. And as far as being prepared, here's my tips for prepping for Black Friday: what to wear and what to pack in your purse!