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Okay, Team Lunches. We are just over thirty lunches into the school year, with about 200 more to get to the finish line. Why do I compare school lunches to miles? Because for some of us, it can feel like...

Kids Aren't Invited to a Wedding? It's Not Personal

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There are several hot button issues associated with any wedding and today, we're tackling The No Kids Issue. Specifically, why it's NOT ABOUT YOU if you're invited to a wedding but your kids are not. Here's the deal, I adore kids and we had tons of them at our wedding. But it was easy and totally possible for us to do so. The wedding was at our house, outside, and featured a simple buffet catered by us. Lots of room for the kids to play and run around safely and no dealing with a kid's menu. But other people's weddings aren't like this and many times, their hands are tied on the whole kids at the wedding issue. Here's some real reasons why, if your kids aren't invited to a wedding, it's not personal:

Best Apps for Kids Free and Discounted for October 20!

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Great free apps for kids to start the week! Top 3: An original and unique game for your kids to build and design a website - CodeQuest; A fun activity book app - Boto the Pink Dolphin and a TOP PICK Math app in case you missed it over the weekend - KidsCalculate Math Basics. We also have a great kids bundle deal for literacy and a lot more! Have fun with app!