DIY: Turn an "Avengers" Boy's T-Shirt into a Little Girl's Dress

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I have been a fan of Marvel for a long time. I enjoy the comics and the complex and flawed characters and have really enjoyed all of the movies. The Hulk has been my favorite since I was a kid (I love green and also have an explosive anger inside me) so, when I found a cute Hulk T-shirt in the boy's section at Target the other day, I immediately looked for a version in the girls department. And found NOTHING. Not one "Avengers" ANYTHING in the entire girl's department. So, I went back to the boy's department and grabbed an XS Hulk tee, then went home and busted out my semi-DIY skills to make it into a little dress for my very own little Hulk. In case you've got a little girl who also loves superheroes, here's how to turn an "Avengers" boy's T-shirt into a little girl's dress: