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And so, it begins. I've returned to corporate America after seven years in yoga pants. I have a cube. I'm fully dressed and in a car by 7:30 am. I force myself to bed, Arianna-style, by 11 pm, even when...

12 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses That You Can Buy On Amazon (Yes, THAT Amazon)

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When it comes to weddings, The Dress is like, a big deal to a lot of people (not me, I got mine free from a stranger) and that's great! If it's important to you then you should be able to mark it as one of your splurge items. But, shopping for the wedding dress can be a bit of a big deal and, if that's not your thing, you may be looking for some alternative options - like shopping for your wedding dress online! And did you know that you absolutely buy your wedding gown online and get one that's lovely, well made, and flattering? Yep, you can. To help you out, I've rounded up 12 gorgeous wedding dress that you can buy on Amazon (yes, THAT Amazon)! And don't forget to become an Amazon Prime member so you can take advantage of the free two-day shipping.