The Big House

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I lost Ike in the house this morning. For about 20 terrifying, heart-pounding minutes. Goddamnit, child. Yellow House is obviously a bit...bigger than what we're used to, both in number of rooms but also floors and hallways and nooks and...

What to Pack in your Honeymoon Make-Up Bag

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Ah, the honeymoon - think of it as your reward for surviving the wedding planning process! I always recommend trying to pack for your honeymoon at least a week in advance - that last week of wedding planning is notoriously hectic. To help you out, I've compiled a little list of what to pack in your honeymoon make-up bag:

on the farm :: a headcount

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Not all photographed, but all photographically represented: 50 Freedom Ranger chickens (meat birds) 30something laying hens 12 Shetland Sheep 5 ducks (Pekin, Black and Blue Swedish) 5 Bourbon Red turkeys 4 cats 3 Tamworth/Hampshire pigs 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats and...