Away Up High

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The wonder of holding a wild part of nature knowing it will go on and we will never see nor know its story again. The tenderness watching French Husband care for something so small and yet so powerful. The Black...

Work At Home Mom: Ideology Versus Reality

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I was raised by a work at home mom (my mom has had her own accounting business for 40+ years) and, to me, it was the ideal situation if I ever became a mom. I'd get to spend time with my kids and be there for special school days or to volunteer but I'd also get to help make money for the household and retain a little of my pre-kid independence. And I'm thrilled to say that, for the most part, I'm incredibly happy to be a WAHM. Sure, it's exhausting and demanding and I routinely forget to brush my teeth, but, all in all, I like it. However, I have noticed that when you tell people that you're a mom who works from home - they... really DO NOT get it. It's funny to me to hear what people think WAHMs do (compared to what we actually do) so I've come up with this little graphic to show you what it's like to be a Work At Home Mom: Ideology Versus Reality.