RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized- Valuable Information About Starting a Babysitting Business, App Review

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RE@L Babysitting Inc. Get Organized is designed for tweens and teens who are interested in setting up a babysitting business. Written in plain English and supplemented with short informative video clips, it is a complete how-to manual containing invaluable advice and relevant reference material. This excellent guide is our latest Top Pick for Fun Educational Apps.

StoriesAlive- Children's Library App By Auryn Inc. - Giveaway

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StoriesAlive is a library of highly interactive, award winning stories for children aged 3-5 years old. Cozy up with your child and share the experience of our uniquely engaging stories while enjoying the life-long benefits of reading. The library includes Parents’ Choice Award and Tillywig Toy Award Winners – Bunny Fun, Teddy’s Night, Teddy’s Day and Alphabet Animals.