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It's a pretty easy way to let ourselves (or someone else) off the hook. "Hey, you did your best." But it fails to explain the improvement in the 100-meter dash. Or the way we're able to somehow summon more energy...

Links for 09-04-15

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An Indicator of Tribalism in Macroeconomics - Paul Romer Inflation, the Fed, and the Big Picture - Carmen Reinhart Obamacare hasn't killed full-time jobs, either - Kenneth Thomas Where are U.S. data on the gig economy? - Nick Bunker Spain,...

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**New York Comic Con 2015**: [The Amazing Economics of Star Trek ](http://nycc15.mapyourshow.com/6_0/sessions/session-details.cfm?ScheduleID=141): "What is economics without scarcity?... >...The real engine of Star Trek's futuristic utopia is not the technology of warp drives and transporters, so much as it is the...