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Eight years of Governor Sam Brownback has seen Kansas lose 8% of its jobs relative to the national average. Now Kansas is Ground Zero for Trump's trade war. **Joshua Green**: [Chinese Sorghum Tariffs Will Hit Hard in Trump-friendly Kansas](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-17/chinese-sorghum-tariffs-will-hit-hard-in-trump-friendly-kansas): "Trump’s...

The placebo ratchet

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A placebo that works becomes more powerful. Which makes it more likely to work next time. It's that simple, but it's magic. Placebos work for two reasons: The confidence they create makes it more likely our body will respond, our...

April linkfest

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You know how Google names its Android versions after sweets like Kit Kat and Marshmallow? Well, writes Justin Pot, Microsoft should name its updates after dogs. (How to Geek) * Speaking of Kit Kat, the brand is hugely popular in...