Partially Smart Home

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Our project has allowed us to consider using smart (internet enabled) products in our newly designed home. There are many products on the market that allow your mobile device to control systems in the house. Some systems including music, thermostat,...

Liveblogging World War I: October 21, 1916: Torygraph

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_[Daily Telegraph][]_: "The return of the Duke of Connaught from his five-year stint as Governor-General of Canada... [Daily Telegraph]: >...appears to be one of the major pieces of news in the Telegraph’s estimation today, given its prominent placing on...

Neoliberalism and Austerity

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Simon Wren-Lewis: Neoliberalism and austerity: I like to treat neoliberalism not as some kind of coherent political philosophy, but more as a set of interconnected ideas that have become commonplace in much of our discourse. That the private sector entrepreneur...

You could look it up

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This is the top half of a full-page ad for Salesforce Tower that appeared in last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle. From the Wikipedia entry: “Salesforce Tower, formerly known as the Transbay Tower, is a 1,070 ft (326 m) supertall office...