The truth about admissions

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One in five applicants to Harvard and Stanford are completely qualified to attend—perhaps 20% of those that send in their applications have the smarts, guts and work ethic to thrive at these schools and to become respected alumni. These schools...

Links for 01-29-15

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What Failed in 2008? - J. Bradford DeLong Debt restructuring: a proposed principle - mainly macro Thinking About the New Greek Crisis - Paul Krugman Is the Economy Still Threatened by Secular Stagnation? - New Yorker Priors and posteriors -...

Noted for Your Nighttime Procrastination for January 28, 2015

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**Over at [Equitable Growth]([The Equitablog](** * [Over at Project Syndicate: What Failed in 2008?]( * [The Macroeconomic Situation and Macroeconomic Policy: Insiders and Outsiders: Focus]( * [Macroeconomics: Listening to Reality: A Note from Twitter I Want to Save]( * [Tim...