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What underviewed high-quality weblogs should I link to this weekend? **Michael Stickings**: [Blogging Is Important.]( "Blogging is essential.... >...The blogosphere isn't quite what it used to be, a truly independent and iconoclastic realm of commentary and dissent, given that blogging...

What investors want

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They want you to put the money to use building an asset, something that works better and better over time, something that makes your project more profitable and more efficient. And they want you to use that asset to create...

Links for 02-06-16

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Remembrance of Forecasts Past - Paul Krugman Why Isn't the Whole World Developed? - Dietrich Vollrath What We've Learned About Unconventional Policy - Narayana Kocherlakota The CRISPR patent battle: A case of big money shaping science - LA Times 1930s...