The problem with problems

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We have limits. There are challenges, limited resources, people or organizations working against you. Your knee hurts, the boss is a jerk, the systems are down. We have opportunities. There are opportunities, new sources of leverage and ideas just waiting...

Links for 11-27-14

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What Tech-Worker Shortage? - Noah Smith The Skeptics Guide to Institutions - Growth Economics US government has finally stopped holding back the recovery - FT Alphaville Should we believe the institutions and growth literature? - Chris Blattman Weekly Initial Unemployment...

Wednesday Cognitive Science Blogging: What Are the Odds Princeton's David Lewis Understands Probability Properly?

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I know this is fairly dense. But please bear with me: **David Lewis**: [Sleeping Beauty: Reply to Elga]( "Researchers at the Experimental Philosophy Laboratory... Sleeping Beauty... >...On Sunday evening they will put her to sleep [P-]. On Monday they will...