Biggest vs. best

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There's not much overlap. Regardless of how you measure 'best' (elegance, deluxeness, impact, profitability, ROI, meaningfulness, memorability), it's almost never present in the thing that is the most popular. The best restaurant, Seinfeld episode, political candidate, brand of beer, ski...

Links for 10-21-14

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Will Americans ever vote for a far-reaching wealth tax? - Roger Farmer How big should central bank balance sheets be? - Cecchetti & Schoenholtz Enhancing Financial Stability by Improving Culture - William Dudley John Cochrane's "Monetary Policy with Interest on...

Medicaid: Two Years Late, John Kasich Gets Religion: Live from teh Roasterie

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**Jason Hart:** [Gov. Kasich: God Wants Ohio to Expand Medicaid]( "Governor John Kasich, a Republican, repeated his insistence that God wants Ohio to expand Medicaid... >...when reporters brought up the topic on June 18. Kasich suggested anyone who opposes Medicaid...