Fed Watch: Hawkish Rumblings

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Tim Duy: Hawkish Rumblings, by Tim Duy: Fedspeak from the Jackson Hole conference suggests that the more hawkish FOMC participants are sticking to their guns. Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta Mester, via the Wall Street Journal: “I want to...

Project Syndicate: A Cautionary History of US Monetary Tightening

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**Over at Project Syndicate**: [A Cautionary History of US Monetary Tightening](http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/fed-monetary-policy-tightening-risks-by-j--bradford-delong-2015-08): BERKELEY JACKSON HOLE – The US Federal Reserve has embarked on an effort to tighten monetary policy four times in the past four decades. On every one of these...

Scientific Management 2.0

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130 years ago, Frederick Taylor changed the world forever. Scientific Management is the now-obvious idea that factories would measure precisely what their workers were doing. Use a stopwatch. Watch every movement. Adjust the movements until productivity goes up. Re-organize the...