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**Comment of the Day: Robert Waldmann**: [There was once also a very interesting argument](http://www.bradford-delong.com/2015/11/must-read-ricardo-hausmann-the-import-of-exports-by-ricardo-hausmann-project-syndicatehttpswwwproject-syn.html?cid=6a00e551f08003883401b8d17d1a13970c#comment-6a00e551f08003883401b8d17d1a13970c) that the speed of adoption of new technologies depends on a particular kind of imports--imports of equipment... >...These can, it has been argued, have a larger...

Word of the Week: Attactics

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Attactics: Aggressive tactics. A portmanteau of attack and tactics; in some cases a probable eggcorn. In a November 13, 2015, post on ADS-L, the listserv of the American Dialect Society, slang expert Jonathan E. Lighter noted that “CNN speaks of...