Dysfunctional Debate Over Medicaid Expansion in Kansas City

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[**Over at Equitable Growth**][1]: I actually made it to the second half of the Medicaid expansion in Kansas/Missouri panel last night: **Brad DeLong**: [Must-See: UMKC Medicaid Panel, and Think-Tanks](http://www.bradford-delong.com/2015/10/dinner-at-the-square-a-dose-of-reality-a-medicaid-status-report-wednesday-october-7-530-800-pmhttpwwwumkc.html): "Must-See: Alas! I seem to be missing the Kathleen Sibelius panel......

Going to the edges

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The best restaurant in Omaha doesn't serve steak. And it's not a chain. The Kitchen Table is run by two people who care. Colin and Jessica aren't trying to copy what's come before and they're not trying to please everyone....

Links for 10-08-15

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Did The Fed Save The World? - Paul Krugman Bernanke: The Republican Party Left Me - Kevin Drum Changes in Worker Voice over Time - whitehouse.gov "The country can't afford" - Stumbling and Mumbling Yes, The Pope Supports A Carbon...