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Some work is best shipped when it's done. Most of the time, though, we produce useful, important work on time. When it's due. If you're having trouble shipping, it might because you've hesitated to put a date on it. "Soon"...

Links and Such for the Week of October 22, 2017

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**Must-Reads**: * **Paul Krugman**: [Some Misleading Geometry on Corporate Taxes (Wonkish)]( "There’s a fairly simple geometric way to see where the optimistic view that cutting corporate taxes is great for wages comes from... * **Jason Furman**: [Wage Increases Under the...

Unceded land

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During my recent trip to Vancouver I attended five screenings at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). The films were good – I especially enjoyed Lucky, the actor Harry Dean Stanton’s last movie (he died in September); and You’re Soaking...