Weekend Reading: John Scalzi (2014): The Orthodox Church of Heinlein

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**John Scalzi** (2014): [The Orthodox Church of Heinlein](http://whatever.scalzi.com/2014/03/11/the-orthodox-church-of-heinlein/): "If you’re an aficionado of passive-aggressive fannish xenophobia... >...in which the frothing distrust of people who aren’t just like you is couched in language designed to give the appearance of being reasonable...


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You can taste it. Heinz ketchup has no terroir. It always tastes like everywhere and nowhere and the same. A Dijon mustard from a small producer in France, though, you can taste where it came from. Foodies seek out this...

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Labor Force Participation - Max Sawicky Do EITC-type policies work? - Lane Kenworthy Female executives and gender wage gaps - Vox EU The Power of Communication - A Fine Theorem All Institutions, All the Time? - Growth Economics Nonlinearity, Multiple...