blogs resource endpoint

URL: /blogs/<id>.<format>

Supported Methods

GET Get basic information about the selected blog.

Resource Type

This endpoint returns an object of type Blog.

description (string)
The description of the blog as provided by its owner.
homeUrl (string)
The URL of the blog's home page.
id (string)
A URI that serves as a globally unique identifier for the object.
objectType (string)
The keyword identifying the type of object this is. For a Blog object, objectType will be Blog.
objectTypes (set<string>)
(Deprecated) An array of object type identifier URIs. This set will contain the string,2009:Blog for a Blog object.
owner (User)
The user who owns the blog.
title (string)
The title of the blog.
urlId (string)
A string containing the canonical identifier that can be used to identify this object in URLs. This can be used to recognise where the same user is returned in response to different requests, and as a mapping key for an application's local data store.

Client Library Methods for PHP

Get basic information about the selected blog.

    # Required Parameters
    "id" => $id,


Property Endpoints

This endpoint has the following property endpoints:

stats Get data about the pageviews for the selected blog.
categories Get a list of categories which are defined for the selected blog.
commenting-settings Get the commenting-related settings for this blog.
crosspost-accounts Get a list of accounts that can be used for crossposting with this blog.
category-details Get a list of objects representing the categories defined for the selected blog along with some category metadata.
page-assets Get a list of pages associated with the selected blog.
media-assets Add a new media asset to the account that owns this blog.
post-assets Get a list of posts associated with the selected blog.

Action Endpoints

This endpoint has the following action endpoints:

begin-import Begin an import into the selected blog.
remove-category Send label argument to remove a category from the blog
add-category Send label argument to remove a category from the blog
discover-external-post-asset If the selected blog is a connected blog, create or retrieve the external post stub for the given permalink.
build-embed-code-for-urls Given an array of absolute URLs, will try to return a block of HTML that embeds the content represented by those URLs as sensibly as possible.

Example Request

GET /blogs/6a012877b13de7970c012877b13df1970c.json HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-type: application/json
Content-length: 1004

   "owner": {
      "urlId": "6p012877b13de7970c",
      "location": null,
      "interests": [],
      "objectTypes": [
      "profilePageUrl": "",
      "aboutMe": null,
      "objectType": "User",
      "preferredUsername": "loblawatlaw",
      "id": ",2009:6p012877b13de7970c",
      "avatarLink": {
         "width": 250,
         "url": "",
         "height": 250
      "displayName": "Bob Loblaw"
   "urlId": "6a012877b13de7970c012877b13df1970c",
   "objectType": "Blog",
   "objectTypes": [
   "title": "Bob Loblaw Law Blog",
   "id": ",2009:6a012877b13de7970c012877b13df1970c",
   "description": "Why should <em>you</em> go to jail for a crime someone else noticed?",
   "homeUrl": ""