blogs resource endpoint

URL: /users/<id>/blogs.<format>

This endpoint represents the set of blogs in the selected user's account.

The full list of blogs is available only if the caller is authenticated as the user whose blogs are being requested. Otherwise this endpoint will return only the blogs that the user has shared for TypePad Profiles.

Supported Methods

GET Get a list of blogs that the selected user has access to.

Query String Arguments

Index of the first item to return. The first item in the list has index 1.
Maximum number of items to return in the list response.

Resource Type

This endpoint returns an object of type List<Blog>.

entries (array<Blog>)
The items within the selected range.
totalResults (integer)
The total number of items in the whole list of which this object is a chunk.

Client Library Methods for PHP

Get a list of blogs that the selected user has access to.

    # Required Parameters
    "id" => $id,

    # Optional Parameters
    "limit" => $limit,
    "offset" => $offset,


Example Request

GET /users/6p012877b13de7970c/blogs.json?max-results=4 HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-type: application/json
Content-length: 1233

   "entries": [
         "owner": {
            "urlId": "6p012877b13de7970c",
            "location": null,
            "interests": [],
            "objectTypes": [
            "profilePageUrl": "",
            "aboutMe": null,
            "objectType": "User",
            "preferredUsername": "loblawatlaw",
            "id": ",2009:6p012877b13de7970c",
            "avatarLink": {
               "width": 250,
               "url": "",
               "height": 250
            "displayName": "Bob Loblaw"
         "urlId": "6a012877b13de7970c012877b13df1970c",
         "objectType": "Blog",
         "objectTypes": [
         "title": "Bob Loblaw Law Blog",
         "id": ",2009:6a012877b13de7970c012877b13df1970c",
         "description": "Why should <em>you</em> go to jail for a crime someone else noticed?",
         "homeUrl": ""
   "totalResults": 1