AssetRef object type


The AssetRef object type has the following properties:

author (User)
The user who created the referenced asset.
excerpt (string)
A short, plain-text excerpt of the referenced asset's content. This is currently available only for Post assets.
href (string)
The URL of a representation of the referenced asset.
id (string)
The URI from the referenced Asset object's id property.
objectType (string)
The keyword identifying the type of asset the referenced Asset object is.
objectTypes (array<string>)
(Deprecated) An array of object type identifier URIs identifying the type of the referenced asset. Only the one object type URI for the particular type of asset the referenced asset is will be present.
permalinkUrl (string)
The URL that is the referenced asset's permalink. This will be omitted if the asset does not have a permalink of its own (for example, if it's embedded in another asset) or if TypePad does not know its permalink.
title (string)
The title of the referenced asset, if it has one.
type (string)
The MIME type of the representation at the URL given in the href property.
urlId (string)
The canonical identifier from the referenced Asset object's urlId property.