Blog object type


The Blog object type has the following properties:

description (string)
The description of the blog as provided by its owner.
homeUrl (string)
The URL of the blog's home page.
id (string)
A URI that serves as a globally unique identifier for the object.
objectType (string)
The keyword identifying the type of object this is. For a Blog object, objectType will be Blog.
objectTypes (set<string>)
(Deprecated) An array of object type identifier URIs. This set will contain the string,2009:Blog for a Blog object.
owner (User)
The user who owns the blog.
title (string)
The title of the blog.
urlId (string)
A string containing the canonical identifier that can be used to identify this object in URLs. This can be used to recognise where the same user is returned in response to different requests, and as a mapping key for an application's local data store.