BlogCommentingSettings object type


The BlogCommentingSettings object type has the following properties:

captchaRequired (boolean)
true if this blog requires anonymous commenters to pass a CAPTCHA before submitting a comment, or false otherwise.
emailAddressRequired (boolean)
true if this blog requires anonymous comments to be submitted with an email address, or false otherwise.
htmlAllowed (boolean)
true if this blog allows commenters to use basic HTML formatting in comments, or false if HTML will be removed.
moderationEnabled (boolean)
true if this blog places new comments into a moderation queue for approval before they are displayed, or false if new comments may be available immediately.
signinAllowed (boolean)
true if this blog allows users to sign in to comment, or false if all new comments are anonymous.
signinRequired (boolean)
true if this blog requires users to be logged in in order to leave a comment, or false if anonymous comments will be rejected.
timeLimit (integer)
Number of days after a post is published that comments will be allowed. If the blog has no time limit for comments, this property will be omitted.
urlsAutoLinked (boolean)
true if comments in this blog will automatically have any bare URLs turned into links, or false if URLs will be shown unlinked.