Relationship object type


The Relationship object type has the following properties:

created (map<datetime>)
A mapping of the relationship types present between the source and target objects to the times those types of relationship were established. The keys of the map are the relationship type URIs present in the relationship's status property; the values are W3CDTF timestamps for the times those relationship edges were created.
id (string)
A URI that serves as a globally unique identifier for the relationship.
source (Entity)
The source entity of the relationship.
status (RelationshipStatus)
An object describing all the types of relationship that currently exist between the source and target objects.
target (Entity)
The target entity of the relationship.
urlId (string)
A string containing the canonical identifier that can be used to identify this object in URLs. This can be used to recognise where the same relationship is returned in response to different requests, and as a mapping key for an application's local data store.