Rate Limiting

While the TypePad API remains in developer preview mode, the API imposes a request rate limit of 3600 requests per hour, for an average of one request per second. This limit is imposed on a per-application basis, disregarding source IP address.

There is currently no enforced limit on anonymous requests, though clients which cause unreasonable load on the API may be throttled or blocked as necessary. Anonymous clients should endeavor also to make no more than an average one request per second.

The rate limiting behavior is likely to change in future, and we reserve the right to impose new limits as necessary and to throttle or block specific applications which cause performance degredation while the API remains in developer preview mode.

When a client request is denied due to rate limiting the HTTP error response code 503 Service Unavailable will be returned. Clients should respond to this by throttling back the request rate. Note that this response code may also be used during scheduled maintenence and outages.