The Adorables

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A lovely treat to round the corner on a favourite walk and see not one, but two families of geese splish splashing in the drinking fountain. Family number one consisted on seven goslings and mum who exited stage left quite...

Part II Benefits & Science of Pranayama (Breathing Practices) in Yoga

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As discussed in Part I, Pranayama, in Yoga, is the practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our pranah, or vital life force. If we control the breath, we control the mind. Stated differently, fast breathing = restless mind; still breath = still mind and clear perception. When the breath is still, the mind is still. Pranayama, the constriction of airways via controlled breathing techniques, leads to higher levels of CO2 which improves O2 delivery throughout the tissues of the body and dilates brain capillaries - creating an incredible health cascade. Without further ado, let's look further into the incredible benefits of Pranayama Practice, a bit more of the fascinating science behind it and learn a simple Pranayama technique we can employ anywhere, anytime to induce a calm clear disposit